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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  August 8, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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causing anger and outrage. plus , a maryland man is under ar rest charged with trying to help isis. how police found out he was allegedly working with the terrorist group. the news at six starts right now. and we thank you for joining us nie, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. we begin tonight with breaking news from the trump administrations. tensions with north korea are escalating. in fact, just the afternoon the president responded with some intense and threatening words in response to reports north korea has a exact nuclear war head that can fit inside missiles cape capable of hitting the us. ronica cleary is live at the white house with more on all of this. >>reporter: the words from the president today really seemingly came out of nowhere. the president was in bed p minister, new jersey. he was meeting with the secretary of health and human services, tom price to discuss the opioid and heroin epidemic here in this country, but before that meeting
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one member of the press asked him about north korea and then we got these very intense words take a listen. north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and furry like the world has never seen. he has been very threatening beyond a norm l al statement and as i said, they will be met with fire , furry and prankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before. the likes of which this world has never seen before, powerful words present the president that come on the heels of a recent un security council decision to impose a new set of sanctions against north korea, so significant are these sanctions that un ambassador nick i haley described them as a gut punch to the country. now north korea responded to those sanctions say ing that
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and be willing to take physical action against the united states and then the news breaking this afternoon that north korea had developed a miniature iced nuclear war head that can fit inside a missile. i spoke with john giz i, white house correspondent for news max to make sense of all of this responding to the president's intense words in light of this intensifying situation. take a listen. intense words they are and hopefully they will deter the north koreans from the mission that they've spoken of, but one other thing has to be remembered, if north korea, which has had lee generations of liars as rulers, p they are telling the truth for once and they do indeed have nuclear must contact try it is imperative the united states takes them out. but in that case one has to a
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what will happen next. well, we want to hear from you. you know , we love to do the people at 5@6:30. people are weighing in on twitter with their reaction to these remarks from the president and what may lie ahead. makes sure you weigh in and use that #5@6:30. reporting live at the white house, ronica cleary, fox5 local news. >> there is a desperate search at this hour for a missing man in fairfax county. ma jill correspond ril oh was last seen last thursday walking near a wooded area in valley. his disappearance is gang related. fox5's paul wagner is live in fairfax county with latest. paul. >>reporter: shawn and tony, there is a lot of concern from my jill tonight. i'm in the neighborhood where not only he lives, but where he was last seen, just off of buck man road what we do know from police is that he was last seen in a wooded area that surrounds this pond here right off of pond road . but i talked to
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ago and she told me something that the police would not share and that is she said that he was fishing here in this pond when someone saw him being attacked. now, police are not confirming that. they're not saying that there was a violent incident, but they are saying that his disappearance is considered gang related. let's show you a picture of ma jill now. earlier today police were seen in this area. we were told that police had searched the entire wooded area around the pond. they used a k9 team. they've used a helicopter. they've used search and rescue personnel from the police department to see if they could find my jill. his mother told me that he does have a phone much she's been calling it constantly and he's not answering, not responsibling at you a. at this point police are not sure what happened to my gill. let's hear from don gel hard. after all the information was gathered and
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that's when he was elevated to endangered. from that point, again, additional information in speaking to friends, fasmly members, et cetera, we do believe that this is a gang- related incident. we don't have any information right now that miguel himself is a gang member, but we do believe it is gang related. but police are not saying why they believe it's gang related. as you know, gang activity lear in fairfax county has been very concerning to the chief and the board of supervisors. in fact, at the board of supervisors meeting recently the police department did say that recruitment is up. they're using social media trying to get gang members into ms13 and other gangs here in the county. we're live in fairfax, paul wagner, fox5 local news. >> new tonight, a high yachts man already accused of trying to help isis is now facing an additional charge. a
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grand jury issued a new indictment it queueses him of attempting to murder an employee . police say they caught him during an undercover sting allegedly plotting to kill a member of the us military. do s tonight is still in federal controversy. a controversial measure in college park is now leading to threats. the city council might vote tonight to allow non us citizens to cast their ballots in local elections . today we learned that some council members are receiving threatening messages because of the issue. crystalline tinies live with the story. >>reporter: it's a highly contentious issue in this community whether or not to allow the non us citizens the right to vote in local elections , not in national elections. because of the negative feedback that council members have received they tell us that they are in fear for their
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we're told by the mayor. he told us today that because of these recent threats he's not only received a couple of calls, but his colleagues have received a very serious threat. he didn't specify on which colleague or what that threat was, but in this case because of them, both he, the city council and police tell us that they're not taking any chances here. our homeland security division is conducting the investigation due to the threats that we will have increased presence of our officers present at the meeting tonight. anyone that has a threat against them, anyone who feels violated we want them to feel save and this is why we're taking these measures. >> now supporters of the proposal say because they already pay into the town's economy they should have the right to vote in local elections . however, those opposed to this proposal tell us because they're not us citizens in this case they shouldn't have the right to vote, bottom
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other maryland communities that already allow non us citizens the right to vote in local elections. college park would make it the seventh. again, like we mentioned, that meeting is going on tonight the at seven :30. they may or may not vote in this case. of course we will let you know what happens there. for now, live in college park this evening, kristin leone , fox5 local news. >> in montgomery county, police arrested a plan accused of a violent armed robbery thanks to this surveillance video. it happened at the golden china restaurant in fare land last movement you can he see the man pointing a gun at an employee when she tried to grab the gun he pepper sprayed her and then took off with the cash register police arrested brian o'donnell ray after getting a tip from someone who recognized him in that video. he's now being held in the district on another charge. >> a registered sex offender was caught allegedly thrieg to get into a virginia preschool. tonight he's back behind bars. we'll tell you how staffers were able to stop him.
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s stage a dramatic rescue in the district after a construction worker is hurt on the job. a than could firmed tornado touchdown yesterday in salsbury, maryland. other parts of the region also got hit with some wicked weather. the question is it all behind us. >> this round is. we're even starting to see the clouds break up. it should be a gorgeous evening. send us your pictures if you get some expect spectacular shots that we can share. open the windows, temperatures may head for the 50 s. i'll have the rest of the details when we come right back. ♪♪ walter? hmm? is that the rest of our food? what? no. how come you have cheese in your beard?
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>> a registered sex offender is bdz arrest for allegedly trying toen era school in northern virginia. police say jessie hiems tried to get into the goddard school in woodbridge yesterday. when he couldn't open the lockedded doors, the locked interior doors he looked through the widged oh until a staff member approach him. he walked
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called police. they determined he was an alleged sex offender. up scirgt at the columbia heights metro station is now under arrest. nineteen year old brabd on williams is accused of will filming up a woman's skirt while she was riding an escalat or. the incident was caught on surveillance video. the video also showed the suspect committing other instances of upskirting. take a look at this rescue, fire and em s crews saved a construction who was hit by a steel bar. this happened in the 100 block of k street noter east. crews put the worker in that rescue basket lifted him out of that construction site with a crane. they rushed him to the hospital with serious traumatic injuries the national weather service has made it official, yesterday's storm damage in salsbury, maryland was in fact caused by a small tornado. the storm cut a path that tore through parts of
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hurt, fortunately. this is the second tornado to hit the eastern shore in the past two weeks. another twistier hit stephensville on july 24. i mean just all the weather we've had recently. my good, in it's nice t to have ate ll l break right now. we've had water spouts. that is what hit stephensville. it's nice to get a break. we're getting a nice break today, torp, the next chance of thunderstorms friday. and some unusually cool temperatures. >> today's high 81-degrees. the average is 87. we didn't get that last august. which i remember, my daughter was getting married. oh, the due point is 830. we're in the carribean, wonderful. enough instability that we had the spinning storms. today, a refreshing change and it's getting better by the hour as we're breaking up the clouds and the humidity is starting to drop . a beautiful evening ahead and yes, a cool
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touch back on these tornadoeses because 2017 has been a little bit busy. to be sure most of them haip have been on the week er side, tornadoes are rated on a one to five. it's always e and f in front of it. we had seven ef in april, two in d.c. and five in virginia. we had an ef in dahlgren and the eastern shore one much that's the the strongest maryland tornado we'v ed had since 2004 and now we had add another one to the list with the salsbury e1 that occurred yesterday at about one: 40, about a three-quarter mile path and not on the line a very long time. we're so happy there were no injuries, though. that's why it's great that we all get notification when these storms are around. visible satellite pictures, starting to show the clouds breaking up. and yes, the high temperature
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81 is significantly blow average . dulles 80, bwi80. we're still at 81-degrees, our high for the day. gaithersburg, 78. nats game at seven:zero five against the marlins ought to be really nice. we'll see a temperature in the upper 730s so enjoy the evening. enjoy the 50 s. frederick may drop to 59. martinsburg, 57, winchester 56, bc about 57. that's cool for this time of year. your headline for tomorrow, picture perfect. with comfortable temperatures. we'll be a little bit warmer than we were kea, but still blow average for august. a sunny, beautiful day, thursday , a very nice day. we may add a few more clouds back into the mix with a temperature of 84-degrees. high pressure building p from the west, drying us out at last we absolutely need. a beautiful sunshine, a comfortable day in terms of humidity as we head for the low and mid 830s around
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i also have to mention the tropics, this is our tropical system franklin that is now coming off the you can can peninsula and it looks like it may strengthen into a tropical storm before going into mainland mexico. it still needs to be watched. it can definitely disrupt the landscape down there as well as the tourism which is so important for them. our fox5 a seven day forecast. we've got the two days at 84-degrees, friday showers and storms in the forecast and a few scattered around on saturday and sunday with temperatures in the mid 80s . it looks like as we get into monday we'll have a chance of showers with a temperature of 83-degrees and then looking forward to tuesday at three it should be a mix of sun and clouds. what you notice about this seven day forecast, not one day do we have temperatures close to average. everything is blow average. can you believe that? it's nice, though. you come outside in the morning and it's nice and cool. >> refreshing. it feels
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september coming already. sometimes the months get themselves mixed up. >> something is mixed up. >> i hope that doesn't mean we're in for a lot of snow. that's all i'm saying. >> and not too busy of a hurricane season. we're already up to franklin. stay calm out there. enjoy what we have. >> thank you, sue. meanwhile a controversy is brewing on capital hill, but it's not over a billion. this time it's over this. a interest pennsylvania ing of a statue of liberty wearing a that job. find out who wants this painting removed. i'm at talbert's beverage on river road in bethesda. big jackpot. mega millions over 300 million and then tomorrow night power ball. it's over 300 million. you still have time to be a millionaire to buy the lucky ticket, everybody coming in here they think they're getting a lucky ticket, more det
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the big drawing tonight and tomorrow night. stay with us, the news will continue.
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another congressman is at the center of artwork controversy. at vises and conservatives are demanning that he remove a paint ing. the activist group we the people rising claim it violates the separation of church annotate. congressman korea says yvetteed the art with the office of legislative council and there are no legal issues with displaying the piece and he has no plans to remove it . if the painting isn't re moved the group plans to pro test. lazy clay hung a picture depicting a confrontation between black pro testors and police officers portrayed as petition. you may recall that was going on earlier this year. the art was later permanently removed. more than 2 million middle and high sch
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now the fda is launching a campaign to reduce that number. in the latest education initiative the agency is specifically targeting teens. it's all part of the new policy to target tobacco and nicotine. tonight, mega \million\mills drawing is mega, $350 million to be exact. it is one of the top ten largest mega million jackpots in history. gary mcgrady is live in bethesda and gary, the question is, are you feeling lucky in. >> you know what the problem is, tony? everyone is feeling lucky . everybody that comes in here they think they bought their own lucky ticket. i don't know how this thing really works to be perfectly honest with you this is the first time ever that we've got the mega millions and the power ball up over $300 million. that's a pretty big deal. meg raised tonight millions draws tonight, i think if you take the one time payout you get
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can probably all buy something with that. john, how many tickets are you selling? >> i don't even know anymore. i don't know if legally i could touch that. singh is here and s ingh bought a ticket, too. of course you bought the lucky ticket, right. >> i don't know. i hope so. how much did you buy. >> $20, you only bought the mega millions, right. >> that's right. >> will you come back tomorrow and buy the power ball. >> yes, i do. it seems to me there is a little bit of a technique. i will come tomorrow . what do you do for a living. >> i'm a leem ' driver. >> so you do this right orve. >> thirty years. >> have you ever hit it big. >> one time i hit five a thousand dollars. he acts like it's just $5,000. that would be enough for me. no. everybody needs more. i know you're probably going to be a millionaire
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>> thanks, singh. johnnies busy here. we are at talbertss on river road. you can in until ten minutes of eleven. >> get here by nine and you'll be able to get your winning ticket. tony and shawn, i got a couple of bucks. i think i'll buy some more. gary, can you buy me one? i'll give you a l dollar back. >> you you want a mega or power ball. >> whatever is tonight. >> i'll get you a mega. >> all right. do we have to pay you back, though, or is it on you in. >> pat, say that anything? a. hey, shawn. hey, pat, how are you? >> we've just fallen off the rails, haven't we. >> we love it. he's much what& ting us, too, there, a big fan. >> awesome. all right, thank you, gary, we appreciate it am ' feeling lucky iml the magic of disney
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for one family after their on was killed by an alga gaiter at the florida park. tonight is a memorial is up in his honor. bee say is honor the legacy of prince in print. how she felt the first time she met prince. we'll be right back. s
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>> walt disney world is honoring the memory of a two year old boy killed by an alligator on one of the company's properties. lane graves died last year. he and his family were
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grand florida and spa. he was gathering up on sand when an alligator snatched him the new light stands where the deadly attack happened. beyonce writes a book about prince. the book is called prince a private view, a group of photographs from a photographer and a long time friend. beyonce said she was and and excited the first time she met him. stay with us, 5@6:30 is coming up next.
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three hundred dollars on this chevy malibu. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> north korea best not make any more threats on the united states. they will be met with fire and furry like the world has never seen. he has been very threatening beyond a normal statement. and as i said, they will be met with fire, furry and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> president trump responding to reports of north korea's nuclear threats. as you can see from the run down over there on the side of the screen, of course this is what people are talking about tonight.s as always we invite you


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